• Fairtrade is all about being fair to the people who make the stuff we enjoy. Like chocolate, coffee and footballs.

    So, isn't it fair that good things should happen to people who buy Fairtrade? We think so.

    That's the idea behind this interactive video, made for Fairtrade fortnight. You start in a coffee shop, make your choice and see what happens to your day from there. 


  • Fat Free TV

    A must read for anyone that cares about keeping our kids healthy.

  • Dollars For Collars

    If you love dogs, why not buy a collar and help save one?

  • Meet Your Maker

    Supporting ethical manufacturing in Australia.

  • The 10 Things Book

    A quick-read book about carbon for busy business people and CEOs

  • The Greens for Gruen Nation

    See why our ad for the Greens, created for Gruen Nation, became the most talked about commercial of the 2010 election.

  • The Hero's Handbook

    Turn your brand into a hero brand™ with this handy free download.

  • The ReThinkers

    In February 2012 we teamed up with UK Sustainability agency Futerra to hold The Rethinkers.

  • Buy Fairtrade

    What happens when you buy Fairtrade? Our choose your own adventure video lets you find out.

It's choose your own adventure for good stuff