Support ethical manufacturing in Australia.

    Following the rebranding of Ethical Clothing Australia from the No Sweatshop label at the beginning of 2010, the past year has seen Ethical Clothing Australia focus on engaging the Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) industry with the organisation's new charter. 

    Ethical Clothing Australia rolled out "Meet Your Maker" - a consumer focussed campaign to raise awareness of the issues facing many Australian clothing and footwear workers, as well as its accreditation and labelling program. 

    There are now more than 50 clothing and footwear companies that are Ethical Clothing Australia accredited, whose supply chains have been audited to help ensure legal obligations and standards are met.  This means that an Ethical Clothing Australia trademark on a garment tells consumers that everyone involved in its production received fair wages and worked in decent conditions.

    What we did:

    A concept to engage media / consumers with the issues and 'call to action', such as accredited brands developing their own flagship product featuring Ethical Clothing Australia's stitched "e"

    Collateral to implement the campaign, such as a template tool kit for accredited brands to use instore and online, advertising materials etc.


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Did you know: tens of thousands of Australian clothing and footwear homeworkers earn as little as $4 an hour?