On May 28, 2011, anyone supporting the carbon tax would have been forgiven for thinking they were alone. One day later, it was all Australia was talking about.

    By creating the Say Yes campaign, we reframed the debate away from being about a 'great big new tax' to being a battle between a positive and a negative vision for Australia's future.

    And by introducing Michael Caton, Cate Blanchett, John Hewson and others into the campaign we gave it the Yes movement the leaders it needed.

    The result was the opening salvo of a polarised media battle about the rights of celebrities to have a say in the conversation and the reasons to stand up and offer support.

    When the dust had settled News Ltd media had come out overwhelmingly against our campaign, Fairfax and the 7pm Project had reported it in the positive and over $10 million worth of media had been generated. You could say it was the news for two days after it launched.

    All from a campaign created on an NGO sized budget and whose media budget barely stretched beyond a handful of key regional seats.


  • The Hero's Handbook

    Turn your brand into a hero brand™ with this handy free download.

  • Tails for Whales

    Add your whale tail and help stop whaling around the world

  • The 10 Things Book

    A quick-read book about carbon for busy business people and CEOs

  • Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

    Host a morning tea and help fund cancer research, support and prevention.

  • Mobile Muster

    You promise to recycle your old mobile, we promise to keep it out of landfill.

  • The Christmas Swap App

    New for Christmas 2012! Don't horde your unwanted gifts, swap the, for someone you really want with the Republic of Everyone Swap App. Our gift to you.

  • The ReThinkers

    In February 2012 we teamed up with UK Sustainability agency Futerra to hold The Rethinkers.

  • Antarctic Ocean Alliance

    Antarctica's protected. Now help us protect her oceans.

Rallies, events, Facebook, posters. There isn't a media the campaign doesn't touch.