Unilever has one of the most ambitious sustainability programs in the world. One of the keys to making it happen is to ensure employees understand what the Sustainable Living Plan is, why it's good for business and that it is part of everyone's job to help make it happen.

    All sounds good in theory, but as anyone who has worked on internal engagement knows, getting busy people's attention can be harder than it seems.

    What's more, in most companies sustainability lives in a department, the Sustainability Department, often leading to a situation where staff think sustainability ios a good idea but don't feel it's 'their department'.

    To help solve this problem for Unilever we came up with a simple idea: what if we gave everyone in the company a new job title: Head of Sustainability?

    Employees arrived at work on September 20 to find new business cards on their desk, with their name on them, as well as a job manual explaining sustainability and what's required for a Head of Sustainability.

    Posters and stickers aroudn the office announced the campaign, as well as workshops and a launch with the CEO in charge.



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